so what exactly is writely me? what do we do? how does this site benefit you? writely me is your one stop guide to all things writing and self-help. ever wanted to write a book? do you love poems or short stories? is writing a hobby or do you want to get published? or maybe you just like motivational posts. we are here to help you along your writing journey. you will find posts about every writing stage, from pre-writing to the publishing process. we are a community for writers by writers and we want to help you reach your dreams. 




Jenna is a twenty-something go-getter who believes she has super powers (why else would she be tackling all the things that she does). Mom to a spontaneous toddler, a giant German Sheppard fur baby, and a small black kitty cat. She aspires to work as a book publicist at a publishing house because she can't imagine her life not surrounded by books. Her biggest dream is to be a NY Times Bestselling Author and she will get there no matter how manuscripts she has to power through. When she is not reading, writing, playing with her son, or working on the blog, Jenna is Netflix bingeing Vampire Diaries with a bottle of wine and an entire pizza (for herself of course).




All about rachael

When Rachael isn't chasing around a toddler or cleaning up after her Men in Black pug (we swear she's an alien), she is pouring out her heart on the next awesome blog post. Rachael is the spiritual one of the two. If you ever need a motivational pick me up or a meaningful conversation, she is the one to talk to. Rachael is a lover of all things sci-fi fantasy. She aspires to get her manuscript "Trinity" published and is in the process of finding a way to help the world. J.K. Rowling is her biggest motivator and any Harry Potter fan is an automatic friendship. Rachael can also be found in her Youtube series "Real Talk with Rachael" where she interviews inspiring people about how they are accomplishing their dreams.