October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My Story

October it's a great time of year. Known for Halloween, trick or treating, pumpkin patches, cider, but it's also known for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a very important topic and one of many close to my heart. I personally have seen cancer affect many people in my life, especially my family members. I have an aunt who is a breast cancer survivor. It is something that has set the tone for my family.

It is a difficult situation when someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer. My family and I weren't sure how to cope. Times were tough. My family began to get involved with Race for the Cure. It is an event my family has been participating in on Mother's Day for years. Not only are we helping with a cause but it is something we do together. It was helpful to deal with the emotions we were feeling as well as be progressive with them. 


The Facts

There are more than 200,000 cases of breast cancer a year in the US. These numbers are astounding. For breast cancer, there is no one way to prevent it but that also means there is no one factor that will cause it. Healthy lifestyle choices can aid in the prevention of breast cancer. Exercise, maintain a healthy weight, eat right, limit red or processed meats, limit bad "fats" and limit alcohol intake. 

It's good to know your risk for breast cancer. Talk to both sides of your family to learn about your history. It can be hereditary and make sure you get screened. Women should have mammograms once a year after turning 40. Make sure that you receive clinical breast exams at least every three years starting at the age of 20.

Understand what is normal for you and your body. Recognize swelling, warmth, redness, nipple discharge, dimpling of the skin, lump or thickening inside the breast or underarm, itchy or scaly sore on the nipple. These are some things to look for in your body and to be aware of.

Some forms of treatment for breast cancer can include the following surgery including reconstruction, radiation therapy or proton therapy, clinical trials, chemotherapy. There are also many support groups, counseling, physical therapy yoga, nutrition classes and more.

It can all be a lot to take in and of course scary to think about but it's good to be educated and take the necessary steps to understanding how to help yourself and even those you love. As many cases there are out there, there is so much information at our disposal to help prevent this disease as well as treat it. 

What You Can Do to Help

A way you can help is by buying a  bottle of wine, yes you heard that right. The ONEHOPE Winery  produces wine made from Robert Mondavi Jr. and dedicates proceeds of its sales to a number of charities. Some of the causes they support are animal rescue, autism therapy, veterans, and breast cancer. Different bottles are associated with different charities.

You can see a brochure here.

Currently, for the month of October, they are hosting a #DRINKPINK sale in honor of breast cancer awareness. In addition, every sparkly pink bottle you buy will donate 15 % towards breast cancer awareness and research. There are many ways you can purchase too! You can view the brochure link above, hold your own wine tasting, or even become a promoter yourself! What better way than to raise money for a great cause then by drinking  wine?

Side note: If you do make a purchase please do so by clicking here.

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