Our Ultimate Summer Reading List

Our Ultimate Summer Reading List

As a college student, my summer starts officially in May. This Summer I am planning on accomplishing a lot of things (hopefully) and one of them is my bookstagram account (book-Instagram). A bookstagram account is an Instagram account dedicated solely to picturesque photos of books. It is like an appreciation of literature. Some girls like to stare at purses; I prefer awesome bookshelves.

To get myself motivated, I took a head start and planned out all of the books I want to read this summer. What better way to get motivated than with some excellent stories?

Reading in the Summer is such an essential thing to do. Dare to dig your toes in the sand and open up a book. Lounge in a hammock or be nose deep in a book by the pool. These books are the perfect getaway. So, don't be sad if your too broke for the Bahamas or you feel like you've been working all Summer. By taking that moment to read, you will slip away to the many different destinations this Summer has to bring.

The books below are chosen off of opinions from friends, reviews I found that hooked me, and books I've read that I believe are just perfect for the Summer season!




Darrian over at Oh Shift Y'all has a great review on Suzanne Young's book "The Program." It is the story of two teenagers, Sloane and James, who fake their emotions so that they aren't admitted into the program. Their world is plagued with depression as the disease and suicide as an epidemic. The program is meant to cure all depression, but Sloane and James aren't buying it. This book is about their journey avoiding the program and living in this world of life. 

This book is perfect for a read while traveling. Pick it up when you have a long car ride to your vacation spot or while you're trying to drown out your annoying siblings. This is the kind of book that will have you hooked as soon as you pick it up.

I knew that I had to have it. I think I read the first ten chapters in one night. I couldn’t put it down! I knew that I would be intrigued by the depression/suicide story line but I didn’t think I would find myself so engrossed in it."




"Finding Paris" is the story of two sisters: Leo and Paris. A close pair, one day Paris decides to ditch Leo at a diner leaving her with nothing but a clue and a boy she met: Max. Together the two must follow the clues left by Paris all around Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the journey secrets unveil and conflicts arise. Will Leo find more than just her sister?

This book is the perfect Summer book because it is the ultimate road trip. There is love, adventure, and a series of clues. You should read this book while lounging around whether that is in your backyard, by the pool, or on the beach. You will have the opportunity to find yourself along for the ride.

"This is the kind of story that has you discovering clues within the clues. Throughout the entire read, you will be piecing things together, and as soon as you think you have it all figured out you are still surprised. " 



Alexandra from Ms. Tiger Lilly wrote a captivating book review on Rae Carson's "Walk on Earth a Stranger." This western novel is about Leah, a complete heroin and on the journey of her lifetime after her parents' murder. She meets love, adventure, and truth during the hardest time of her life.

This book is a great night time read while you're cuddled up in your comfy bed or laying under the stars. Rae Carson's ability to world build will send you far away with each page

"Rae Carson is an amazing world builder. She creates these landscapes, and depicts them so well that you can practically feel the dust being kicked into your face by the waggons, and recoil at the smell of the oxen pulling the carts."




"Kissed by an Angel" is the story of a young couple, Tristan and Ivy, who face a tragedy that leaves Tristan an angel. Although, his presence follows Ivy she can't tell, especially when life or death arises and he needs her to notice the most. 

This book is perfect for the Summer because it is the ultimate romance novel. It will be nearly impossible for you not to be swept away in the magic that is Tristan and Ivy. Read this book on a rainy day and warm your heart with each page.

"Elizabeth Chandler has a way of writing that leaves you at the end of your seat this entire novel. You don't only fall in love with the characters, you tap into their emotions; their fears and sorrow."



Danie over at Ranie Doberts wrote a great collection of Summer book reviews with one of them being the ever so popular "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. This book is the story of a girl named Cath who is a little obsessed with fanfiction and finds herself trying to navigate in the real world during her first year of college.

This book is the perfect beach or pool read because it is fun and a great page turner. Bring this book in your beach tote along with your favorite sunglasses and some music. Your friends won't be able to get you off of your beach towel for the entire day.

"Cath is a very relatable character for other teenage girls. I highly suggest reading this book over the summer if you are starting college in the fall, or you like fan fiction too."



These books are a complete must have for all of your summer adventures. I suggest creating a reading goal for the end of the summer. You will be surprised how much more exhilarating your Summer will be. The power of books is endless.

Have you ever read any of these books? I would love to hear about it! Have any other recommendations? Leave it in the comments below!

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