Why You Should Read What Was Mine

Why You Should Read What Was Mine

There is nothing I love more than to get cozy with a good book and just disappear from the world for a little. The power of a good book is indescribable. When you find a story that is capable of grabbing your attention, then you get to experience the joy of endless possibilities.

My book review series is designed to introduce you to the books that can take your breath away. A book that can send you on an adventure through another person's eyes. That is exactly what this story did for me. 


"What Was Mine" is the riveting tale of a parents greatest fear. Lucy Wakefield kidnaps a baby from her local Ikea. Raising the baby as her own, she tells no one what she has done. What happens though when her daughter discovers the truth after twenty years? This story is one of heartbreak and loss, but most of all it shows how great the yearning for a child can be. 

Author: Helen Klein Ross (See her website here)

Publisher: Gallery Books an imprint of Simon & Schuster

Year: 2016

Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Family Life

You can purchase the book off of Amazon by clicking here. 

" In a tale ripe with opportunities for drama, Helen Klein Ross never puts a foot wrong. She lets the story tell itself, and in so doing heightens both suspense and emotional impact. Readers will be moved to understanding, but never to judgmentalism. A stellar performance and highly recommended."




One of the things I liked the most about this book was that it pulled me in right away. I didn't have to wait a chapter or two to get into the story. I was hooked after the first page. Helen Klein Ross took the approach of multiple point of views throughout this book. Normally that isn't an easy thing to do. Multiple point of views can leave you lost or confused, but that wasn't the case with this book. I feel the use of different chapters being different characters view points made the story flow better, especially because it was written in first person. While reading, I felt as though I was a police officer following this case and was going around to get different statements on what had happened. I liked that because it prevented the story from favoring one side or the other. It allowed it to be unbiased. I was able to connect with two characters the most out of this story and that was Lucy (the kidnapper) and Marilyn (the birth mother). It was like on one side I could feel the sympathy for Lucy and her situation. Although she had done a terrible thing, I understood the desire to have a child. One the other side, I felt Marilyn's pain deep in my bones. Just the thought of my child being taken away from me gives me chills. I could feel Marilyn's grief and understand her never truly giving up on her daughter. I understood the anger she felt towards Lucy. The only thing I couldn't understand was her ability to forgive. It was hard for me to accept some of Marilyn's decisions in this story. She was a lot stronger than I would have been in that situation. Helen Klein Ross did a really good job developing each character in the story so that they were relatable and real. All of the setting in the story is told through character actions and dialogues, so there is no wordy descriptions to draw attention away from the action. I wish there would of been more on Lucy's ex-husband. I would of loved to read what his reaction was like when he found out what Lucy had done. It would of been cool to see him reach out to her or give a statement to the media describing their once struggle to have a baby, and then Lucy seeing it. I also was a little disappointed on how the story ended. It just sort of left me hanging. I would of at least like to have one more chapter or so after how it ended. Unless it ended like that because there is going to be a sequel, then that is awesome and I would buy it right away. Overall, I recommend buying this book. It is one of those reads you get through in less than a week because you have to find out what happens next! 

Note: This book has questions in the back of it for a book club discussion

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