The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Book Lover

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Book Lover

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It's that time of year. Shopping around for the best gifts for your family and friends. Sometimes finding the right gift for that special someone can be difficult.

Do you know someone who rather read Ernest Hemingway than go out to the movies? A person who looks like they are hoarders dedicating an entire wall to books? Then these gifts below are the perfect picks to ensure a smile on his or her face.


Jane Austen Candle 

This cute candle comes with excerpts from the legendary Jane Austen. It makes the perfect gift to add to a bookshelf or set the mood for a night of reading The best part is there is other versions too!


Harry Potter Marauder's Map


For all of the Harry Potter fans out there this is the perfect gift.

This ruled Marauder's Map notebook is a fun gift for the writer or the person who loves to journal.

There is over 240 pages, special Harry Potter stickers, a secret folder, and all the fun of the Expecto Patronum spell. 


Invisible Bookshelf 


How cool is this?! If you know someone who doesn't like the look of bookshelves or just doesn't have the room then this is a great gift idea of them. This inexpensive gift gives the presence of "floating books" which is really really cool. 


Legendary Quotes Snow Blanket 


What better way to stay warm and cozy than with a chocolate throw blanket full of quotes from legendary authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. 


Library Card Notebook


This adorable Kate Spade notebook is in the style of a library card. If you know someone who is a library lover and is constantly taking notes or making lists, then this is the perfect gift for them to unwrap during the holidays. 


Your book lover friend or family member is sure to be excited this holiday season when they open these book-tastic gifts. 

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