10 Coffee Mugs that Speak Your Mind

10 Coffee Mugs that Speak Your Mind

Coffee Mugs; one of my favorite things to collect, why? Because I absolutely love what they say! I can't help but to giggle at the text and think man, isn't that the truth. Coffee used to be my life. I would drink 3-4 cups a day. Two months ago I decided to find a healthier route but I still found myself collecting coffee mugs. I'll brew tea time to time so I can use them. They are piling up in my cabinet waiting to make my morning.

Here are a few coffee mugs from Zazzle that tell it like it is. Add them to your collection or just enjoy! I know I will. 



Exhausted being Awesome-- $15.95 

It can be totally exhausting being awesome. This is the perfect coffee mug for the person who enjoys loving themselves. Know someone with sass or a good attitude? Give them this mug. I love it because it is a complete confidence mug. It also is a great reminder of how awesome your truly are. Need a pick me up or just want to flaunt yourself? Then treat yourself to this mug. It is never too early to have an excuse to buy yourself something.

I Like Big Mugs and I Cannot Lie--$21.95 

I can already hear Sir Mixalot in the background while reading this cup and I can't help but to laugh. I like big butts and I cannot lie you other brothers can't deny when a girl walks in.. Sorry. Anywho! The famous song is not only catchy but it is now on a mug! The cool part is that this mug is actually bigger. It is 20 oz Venti size for you coffee lovers out there and the text is customizable.

BYE FELICIA-- $16.15 

The popular saying has turned into a mug and I absolutely love it. Someone annoying you? Say no more just flash them this mug and you are in the clear. Inside joke with a friend? Get them this gift! I can already think of 2 people I need to send this to. The perfect gift for someone with sass or is really great with sarcasm. I know I'll be flashing this mug in the morning (I am not a morning person.)

No Talking Before Coffee-- $16.95

Yes! Yes! Yes! This couldn't be more true. For all of you non morning people out there you can totally relate to this mug. Besides the saying the reason I like this mug so much was because of the decorative font used. The cute little coffee cup is just an added bonus. "No Talking Before Coffee" should be a rule at home and in the workplace! 

There's a Chance this could be Wine-- $16.75

Ok so I am a little obsessed with wine. But this coffee mug spoke to my soul. I also can't help but wonder if i'd be allowed to take this to work... Have any friends who are a complete wine-o like me? You have to get them this mug. They will appreciate it! Trust me! Now if I can only find a mug about tequila... 

A Poem for Mornings-- $16.25

I am a writer so this mug was literally at the top of my shopping list. I could barely think in the morning let alone write without caffeine. Ask me to write a poem as soon as I wake up? It would be exactly what is written on this mug, and I love it! Know any poets? Friends or family who enjoy a little English humor? Do them a favor and get them this mug.


Go Away I'm Reading-- $17.05

I love how the "kindly" and the "i'm reading" are in nice dainty cursive writing and the "go away" is in big bold letters. Anytime I am on the train with my nose in a book I want this mug. Can it be put on a tumbler please?? To all my book nerds out there you so need this mug in your collection. Use it at the library, at home, at school, or during your lunch break at work. It says exactly what you are too busy to say.

There's a Chance this Could be Vodka-- $16.75

I am not much of a vodka drinker but I thought this was hilarious. Similar to the wine one here is the mug for all my vodka lovers out there. It is also a great mug to confuse your boss or professor! Once again need this saying on a tumbler. I loved that both "chance" and "vodka" were emphasized on this mug. 


Sh There's Wine-- $16.85

Can't help it I love my wine. Another great gift for yourself or your wine loving friend. Can be used in the mornings or your new wine glass. I am considering making this my new stemware. I love the humor behind this mug and cant help but laugh when I read it. 



Where to Return Mondays--$17.95

I don't think I know anyone who couldn't agree more with this. I know I would return Mondays in a heart beat if I could. You can even customize this mug to replace "Mondays" with any other day of the week so it speaks true to you! Give the gift of humor to a co-worker, friend, or family member with this universally humorous mug.


A coffee mug says a lot about someone. They make perfect desk accessories or work in addition to your morning cup of happiness. 

* This is an Affiliate post which means if  you do make a purchase we receive a small commission. Our opinions on these products though are still our own. We would never feature anything that is untrue to ourselves or our readers. *


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