How to Start Making Money Writing

How to Start Making Money Writing

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As writers, it is safe to say we are starving artists. Creatives longing to live out our dreams of being able to write for a living. It is our favorite thing to do so why wouldn't we want to do it all the time? What if I were to tell you that it is all possible (aside from getting a novel published)? 

This is where freelance writing comes in. Freelance writing is when a publication pays you to write for them. the Write Life,  Huffington Post, and FreshBooks are just a few of the publications that will pay anywhere from $50 to $200. 

There are a ton of writers who do freelance writing to support their lifestyle. So, how do you do the same? And how to do you do it successfully? That is where these communities come in! The communities listed below are designed to help you create a successful freelance career, so you can follow your dreams.

The Freelance Writer's Den

The Freelance Writer's Den was created by the six-figure Freelance writer Carol Tice. Carol created this community as a way to help fellow freelance writer's hone in on both their craft and their business. Carol uses The Freelance Writer's Den to teach writers through a series of boot camps, webinars, one-on-one access, and a variety of resources. It is a great community if you really want to jump start your career and see money flowing in. You can learn more about the community and Carol

The Literary Freelancer

The Literary Freelancer is run by Kayla Dean, founder of, a website for both writers and freelancers to hone in on their skill and learn to make money with it. According to,  "The Literary Freelancer is a community where writers can grow their freelance writing skills on their way to writing life-changing stories. If you want to write amazing novels and short stories, but also want to write for websites and companies, this community is for you. Every week, we get questions answered about our industry, share book news, and talk about the writing life." This is a great community if you are looking for a support system and meeting like-minded people!


All Indie Writers

This website is all about giving writers access to the secret of freelance writing success. All Indie Writers features a freelance writing job board, posts on how to run a successful freelance business, and a forum where you can ask all of your questions. Jen Mattern has been helping freelance writers since 2006 and knows the ins and outs of creating a successful freelance business.  She even offers courses teaching you vital marketing skills that will help you grow.

Freelance Success

This subscription-based website, Freelance Success, offers a newsletter jam packed with interviews, a market guide, tools and databases to make your business more profitable, advice on using technology, tips on how to manage your business, and entry into an exclusive on-line networking group made up of successful writers who were once in your shoes. Freelance Success takes a different approach with a newsletter format but doesn't fail to make sure their subscribers are informed and prepared to rocket their business. 

Media Bistro

Media Bistro is actually a great website to try and find your next freelancing gig. They offer online classes, e-newsletters, and even cocktail parties for freelancers in a bunch of different cities. This site is a good fit if you are more advanced in freelancing and you want to take your business to the next level.

No matter what community choose, you want to make sure it is the right fit for you and your individual needs. Growing your business is going to take support and the right tools to get you there. It is important for you to remember that anything is possible, and never give up on your dreams. 


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