The 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Write a Novel

The 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Write a Novel

Lately, some of you have been reaching out to us and asking "how do I write a book?" After reviewing some of our posts, Rachael and I realized that we never really wrote an article on how to write a novel. Sure, we have talked about certain foundation pieces to build your novel but we never really got down to the nitty-gritty. Which is why we decided to take it to the next step and give you a full on resource tool that will help you write your own book. We are really excited about this tool and sharing it with you, which we will talk about more on in a minute.

First, we want to make sure we are preparing you for that next step. Writing a book is a journey to say the least. It has its ups and its downs but in the end it is an incredibly fulfilling journey. There are a couple things you want to make sure of first before you start. 

1. Writing a Book is NOT Impossible

So, please stop telling yourself that. There is so many people I have talked to that expressed how much they have always wanted to write a book but could never do it because they believed it was "impossible" or "too hard." They let this negative self-talk stop themselves from even trying in the first place. Sometimes, I just want to shake them and go "just do it!" but I realized that would be an unethical method and instead decided to put this as the first point in this post. Writing a novel is NOT impossible and you CAN do it.

According to statistics, 1,534,214 books and counting have been published this year alone. The average American aged 18 to 49 reads 12 books per year. If you don't think your book is capable of being one of them you are wrong. Th odds are in your favor whether that is through self-publishing or traditional publishing.



2. There is no set time of when you will finish your novel

I know some writers who it has taken 7 years of their life to write their first novel and then I know others who finished their entire first draft in 2 months. For me personally, it took me 4 years to write my novel and that is because I kept having lapse of time where I just wouldn't sit down and write.

How long it will take you to write your novel solely depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate to writing. You can write every day for an increment of time or once or twice a week. It is really just understanding who you are as a writer and when you feel most creative. How do you know when you are done? When you have built your story and it has a clear beginning, middle, and end plus when you have reached the right word count, which is something we go over in our book How to Write a Novel: A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Story Writing Process


3. You will have good days and you will have bad days

One of the biggest things I can't stress enough is that you aren't always going to love what you write. Some days you are going to absolutely hate it. You are going to swear up and down that you are the worst writer in the world and are going to question why anyone would even want to read it. What do you do in these situations? You must keep writing. It is ok to take a break from your work but don't give up. When these negative thoughts come in recognize what they are and then move past them. Maybe you need to read parts of your story or remember why you came up with the idea in the first place. Just don't give up.


4. You can never know enough

Writing is a craft which means it can always be worked on. Knowledge is power and the more you take the time to hone in on your craft the better your writing is going to be. Along, my journey I have gone to conferences, workshops, have taken classes, attended writing groups, spoke with editors, publishers, and agents and I am still looking for any opportunity I can to learn.

Here at Writely Me we have a bunch of resources to help you learn and grow which brings me to my next topic: our How to Write a Novel Mini Workbook. 


There is a lot happening in every day life and then when you want to craft your writing or try to write an actual novel, it can seem intimidating. That is why we created How to Write a Novel: The Mini Workbook to go in conjunction with How to Write a Novel: A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Story Writing Process. 

We promise we always keep it real with you so we know all too well that feeling of "Where do I start?" or "How do I get it all done?" or "Am I crazy for thinking I can do this?" If any of these sound familiar we are excited to help you out with it! 

Is it easy? No! Is it worth it? Yes! Like anything in life it takes work for the things we truly want and that work is worth it, but if we can help ease any of that writing discomfort we will! 

Yes you may have heard of this before but we didn't understand how important this book was until a number of people were asking the following questions, "Where do I start? How do I write a novel? How do I create awesome characters? How do I build a world?" We've gone back in revamped some things and were excited to share our writing process with all of you! After all, we are writers that believe in helping other writers. At the end of the day we are in this together.

How to Write a Novel Mini Workbook: 9 Interactive Pages Designed to Put Your Novel in Motion works hand in hand with our e-book How to Write a Novel: The Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Story Writing Process. Each page coincides with a chapter in the book. It helps you put what you learn into action through talking points, exercises, and examples.

We will go through:

1. Crafting Characters
2. Building Your World
3. Planning Your Time [+ a planner to build your writing schedule]
4. Practice Your Pacing [ + a special bonus page]
5. The Novel Checklist [ ++ a complete checklist to make sure your novel is ready to get published]

We are offering everything above with the purchase of our e-book How to Write a Novel: The Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Story Writing Process for a limited time. 

We only have a limited amount of copies, so we wanted to make sure you got your hands on it first before we run out!

P.s. After your purchase of the e-book you will receive the planner in addition to the e-book within 24 hours. 

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