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Do You accept guest posts?

Yes, we are currently accepting guest posts and you can find our guidelines here. 

what will be done with my contact info after i order?

We will never share or sell  your information. All of the names and email address we collect are stored in our private Mailchimp account. 

Who do i contact if i have had a problem with my order?

First off, we apologize if the service or product you received was not satisfactory. We hold true to our word that we want to help our customers. We have a 100% back refund policy which you can read here. Also, please contact us at with the subject line: URGENT so that we may answer you quickly.

do you have to go to school to be a writer?

No, there is no formal education required to be a writer. Although there are a number of undergraduate, graduate, and certification programs that are offered for writers. We did wrote an article on this which you can read here.

do you do book reviews?

We do accept book reviews but because of limited time we are particular with the requests we accept.  Please feel free to inquire through our contact page. 

can i advertise on your site?


do you offer special services for authors?

At the current moment we are offering only editing services. We work one-on-one with the writer to help polish his/her's manuscript and prepare it for publication. You can read more about how our whole process works here. In the future, we are planning on offering marketing services but in the mean time we will only accept certain requests.

how long have you been writing?

Combined Jenna and Rachael have been on the writing journey for 10 + years. We started the journey not having a single clue about writing except for a hunger to learn anything and everything.  Jenna took 4 years to write her first novel She'll Breathe Again and Rachael took 6 years to write her first novel Trinity. You can read more about the writing journey here. 

How do I get a refund?

You can read our refund policy here. We also want to make sure our customers are happy. The fastest way to contact us is through our email address 

Should i join a writing group?

A writing group is a great way to hold yourself accountable as a writer as well as network with other writers. We have learned a lot and experienced some great opportunities because of being a part of writing groups.  Our advice would be to check out some ones in your local area. Meetup is a great website to use. We also have an online writing group for people all over. You can find more about it here. 

what is a writing journey?

A writing journey is the road each writer starts on when the decide to take their passion seriously. No writer is the same therefore each journey is different. The end goal ("destination") is normally getting published. We go into more detail here.