The Writer

When it comes to Jenna's style of writing it is hard to categorize her into anything but dark.  Jenna follows the influences of her favorite authors Stephen King and Ellen Hopkins when it comes to crafting her next written piece. With her journalistic background, research becomes a big role in all of her work. 

Jenna has written everything from articles for newspapers and magazines to novellas, short stories, poems, and flash fiction (which are currently in the revision + query stages.)

What started the writing journey for her though was her YA Thriller She'll Breathe Again.  Jenna is currently head first in the query trenches with this manuscript.


The Writings

She'll Breathe Again | querying

Nicole thought she had it all after meeting Jonathan, her first soon-to-be long-term boyfriend.  She could've sworn he was the one until until she finds out that he sold her life.

Now, Nicole is forced to face the fight for her life, while held in captivity in a human trafficking ring. Only time will tell if the people she meets, and the hope she clings on to so desperately, will be enough to save her life.

Nicole’s story is one of betrayal and the darkest side of human nature, of facing her worst fears to find strength in the most unlikely places. Ultimately, SHE'LL BREATHE AGAIN paints a picture of the struggle between hope and pain, peace, and revenge.

A Turn for the Worst | The Literary Hatchet

(Short Story) Mary and Charles thought they were having a nice ride along the countryside, bobbing along to some Nat King Cole, and taking in the autumn breeze. So what if Charles was keeping a secret from Mary, that didn't mean he didn't love her. And, what if Mary was hiding something from Charles? Its for his own good. Yet, more than just secrets are spilled when a tour bus suddenly sends their vehicle off the road. 

The Phoenix from The Ashes | Amazon

In her first debut, Jenna covers the topics of abuse, heartbreak, and growth through a collection of poetry. Nobody ever talks about what happens after the pain or about the person it turns you into. Read the truth through the burning and the rising of the person you were meant to become.