Writing a novel can seem a bit overwhelming at first.

You may have this idea in your head but have absolute no idea how to execute it.

Sometimes, this feeling may be enough to prevent you from following your dreams. This is what we call fear and it isn't NECESSARILY a bad thing. This just means that you have a dream that means a lot to you.

When you set a plan to something, you'd be amazed how much actually gets done and how good you feel afterward. This is true to everything: errands, homework, cleaning, and even finances. So, why can't that be true to your writing too?

“I liked the Planning Your Novel course quite a bit. It contained a lot of useful information in nicely-sized chunks—I can’t stand a 40+ minute video, no matter how thorough or well-explained it is. I also loved the worksheets that came with it!”

— Caylie Porter

We understand

We know what it is like to write a novel and just be completely lost. We both have complete manuscripts that took us years to complete. Rachael wrote a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel and Jenna wrote a Young Adult Thriller novel. Both of us encountered many roadblocks along the way where we just had to figure it out on our own. We had so many questions and days where we just wanted to give up, but we didn't.

Now, we are here to share the knowledge we've learned and save you the struggle.


So what does Planning Your Novel include?

Module One: Finding and Expanding on Your Topic

In this lesson, we will go over resources that will help you ignite your spark by finding a topic to write about, digging deep through personal experiences, and writing about what is true to your heart.

Module Two: Making the Time to Write

In this lesson, we will uncover the myth that life is too busy for writing. We will teach you how to find those blocks of time in your schedule and how to discipline yourself as a writer.

Module Three: Introducing Your Characters

In this lesson, we will go over what really makes a character, how to help your readers connect to your characters, and how to interweave relationships between characters.

Module Four: How to Build Your World

In this final lesson, you will learn how to create a world your readers can get lost in. We will talk about emotions, deeper meanings, and the right descriptors to use.

“Before taking this amazing Planning Your Novel course by WritelyMe, I was worried my novel would always just be an idea in my head. With no experience in writing fiction, beyond writing random stories as a child, I had no idea where to start. World building, character development, relationship mapping, oh my! But this short course has done more for me than any other resource on planning your novel. Thank you Jenna and Rachael, I am so excited to finally make progress on my novel.”
— Nadalie Bardowell, Founder, http://itsallyouboo.com/
“Those who are wanting to dip their toe into the world of writing can’t go wrong with Jenna & Rachael. Their tips, encouragement and passion for supporting the mind and hearts of fellow writers make them the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to bring their first story to life! I’m their BIGGEST fan!”
— Jaime Buckley

How Does This Course Work?

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