The Writer

When it comes to Rachael's style of writing she can't be placed in a specific box. She has a passion for anything science fiction, fantasy, a good love story, a story with diverse characters who develop throughout the story, anything that leaves you crying, speechless, emotionally wrecked, elated and having learned a lesson.  She has been inspired by authors such as J.K. Rowling, Pittacus Lore, Suzanne Collins, Tomi Adeyemi and so many more!

Rachael has written everything from short stories, poems, novellas, and novels!

Her writing journey started about six and half years ago with her first novel Trinity. Rachael is currently in the query trenches with this novel.

The Writings

Trinity / Querying

Emma Collins is days away from her 18th birthday and weeks away from graduating high school with her best friend Dakota.  

Orphaned at the age of two and raised by her Uncle Aiden, Emma is no stranger to an unconventional life.  She has always been faster, stronger and smarter than the other kids. She also has a level of maturity and compassion rarely seen in someone so young.

Her life has always seemed a bit surreal because of seemingly innocuous but unexplained odd happenings throughout her life.  She has also always had strange dreams of an exotic land and a peaceful people that she ignored. After her latest dream however, about this place she now knows as Trinity, she can no longer ignore these curious events and what are obviously not just dreams, but visions.

During this most recent vision, Emma witnesses a cryptic conversation between Gage and his sister Sophia about sending him to Earth for some sort of mission.  Several days later Emma encounters the handsome and mysterious Gage and from there goes on a journey that unleashes secrets from the past including a connection between her and Gage and a war between the forces of love and hate that’s been waging for years on Trinity that she must help stop.

From Death to Birth / Amazon

In her debut, Rachael covers topics of heartache. Divorce, break ups, it's all hard. And it's even harder when your child is in the middle of it. Through losing yourself you find yourself and you learn what gives you the strength to be reborn.