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How to Write a Novel: The Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Story Writing Process

Learn how to lay down the proper foundation to build your story. You don't have to be an expert to write a book. All you need is the right tools. This guide will take you step-by-step through the different directions you need to take to properly build your story. Where most books hone in on specific parts of the writing process, this book teaches you the whole creation process.

One of the biggest challenges new writers face is not knowing where to start. Writing a book can seem overwhelming and that alone can scare off someone from even trying. The more we found that our readers and people we talked to were facing this problem the more we realized that we needed to come up with something both affordable and helpful to show aspiring writers just how possible writing a book can be. 

That is where HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL came to be. We created this book so that it could help guide  a new writer through the fundamental steps that need to be taken to write a book.

 One of our favorite parts about this book is that we hand bound it with the help of Thirty West Publishing House. There is something to be said to pour your heart and soul into not only your words but the full on creation of the book as well.

For a limited time we are giving away our How to Write a Novel Mini Workbook with each order of either the print or e-book version of this book. The workbook is jam-packed with 9 interactive exercises that work along with the chapters to put what you learn into action. We even included a bonus page that talks about a topic not mentioned in the book!


A Guide to Planning Your Novel: The Actionable 4 Step Course

When you set a plan to something, you'd be amazed how much actually gets done and how good you feel afterward. This is true to everything: errands, homework, cleaning, and even finances. So, why can't that be true to your writing too?

The Planning Your Novel E-course is an e-course designed to help you put your idea on paper and run with it it. We will take you step by step (4 to be exact) focusing on the important details that will help make your novel a reality.

We know what it is like to write a novel and just be completely lost. We both have complete manuscripts that took us years to complete. Rachael wrote a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel and Jenna wrote a Young Adult Thriller novel. Both of us encountered many roadblocks along the way where we just had to figure it out on our own. We had so many questions and days where we just wanted to give up, but we didn't. Now, we are here to share the knowledge we've learned and save you the struggle.

Character Building Cards

A important skill to master when writing your story is your characters. Readers won’t get into your story without being able to feel like your characters are real. Maybe you’ve heard terms like “character driven stories.” This is when the characters are so strong and well-developed that it was easy to fall in love with the story.

So, how do you create not just characters, but well-developed characters? You start with these cards. The prompts help you to look in-depth into your characters and help map them out in front of you. They can be used before, during, or after your story has been created. Also, they are a handy size to be able to bring with you anywhere!