One of the biggest struggles we face as writers is finding the time to write and then in return, having the confidence in our work as writers. These two things can go hand in hand with one another. We also understand how disheartening it is when you know you want to write but feel as though you just have no time to do it. Who wouldn’t feel down if they felt they had no time to work on their passion?

Both of us know the struggles that come along with writing like the back of our hand. It took us three years + to complete our own novels and then an additional year just to feel somewhat satisfied with how it turned out. Sometimes, it’s extremely hard to get out of your own head when it comes to writing. It is even harder to give your writing the full attention it needs when you are living a full-time life.

Here at Writely Me we want to help you with this and we know we can.

We created Writely Me as a way to help fellow writers along the writing journey together. Who knows writers and the obstacles we face better than other writers? We are a special breed who do amazing things when we work together.

That is why we created The Confident Writer’s Bootcamp. Now, don’t let the sound intimidate you. We designed this course to give that essential kick ass your writing career needs to catapult you in the right direction.


If you are a writer (or want to be a writer) who struggles with finding the time to write, feeling like your work isn't good enough, constantly editing and re-editing your work, feeling like you have been working on your story for forever, and avoiding finishing  your work because of time or feeling like your writing isn't adequate enough, then this course is for you. 


+ [1.] Making the time to write

In this module we will go over how to not just find time to write but MAKE time to write. You will learn the time planning tricks you need to successfully juggle a full-time life and a full-time writing career. We will also introduce the complementary planner that we will mail right to you.  

+ [2.] Battling your inner critic

This is probably the biggest thing we struggle with as writers.  Our inner critic is what allows us to feel like we aren’t good enough or that our story isn’t ready or that it may never be ready enough.  We completely understand because we have faced these roadblocks too. The good news is that there is a way to overcome it. If you let your inner critic control you then you may never reach your writing goals. In this module we will go over how to turn that negative voice inside of you into a positive one. Our inner critics are not always bad we simply need to learn to fine tune them in our favor.

+ [3.] Getting others to read your stuff

In this module we will be talking about just how important it is to get a second, third, or even fourth pair of eyes on your writing project. By getting others to look at your work, they may recognize things you never even noticed before. Not only will we be sharing the methods we learned have worked for critiques and beta readers, but we will be personally matching you up with your very own critique partner. In addition, both of us will read your piece and give you our own personal feedback.

+ [4.] You aren’t alone

Seriously, you aren’t. In this module  we are going  to use the methods of successful authors to further hone in on our craft. We will go over what has worked for others and how we can apply that to our own writing journey. In this module we will cover both building confidence as a writer and touch base back on making the time to write.

what you get with this course.jpg

Altogether, with everything you will be receiving, comes to a value of $300  +  (Planner - $40, One-on-one access/editing services - $150 , Course modules and worksheets - $180, etc.) BUT, we aren’t going to ask you to pay that amount. FOR A LIMITED TIME we are offering The Confident Writer’s Bootcamp for only $97. Now, we know what you may be thinking that  $97 is still a pricey option for a writer. We completely understand being writers on a budget ourselves. That is why we are offering a 3-month payment plan for this course. That is ONLY $32 dollars a month and we promise it will be worth it! If you aren’t happy at the end of the course, we will give your money back! (*Girl scouts honor*).


So, what exactly will you be getting with The Confident Writer's BOOT CAMP?



+  A planner designed to help make your writing life easier

+ One-on-one coaching call with us

+ Editing services on your story

+ Beta Reader /  Critique partner match up

+ Access to a private Facebook group

+ Exclusive webinar

+ 4 videos jam-packed with information and worksheets