The Writing Journey

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what is a writing journey?

Every writing journey starts off with a writer who has a  hunger to reach their destination.  No writer is the same therefore, each journey is different. 

our journey

Jenna started her journey in 2012 sitting in a rickety old wooded desk on the third floor of her University's library. She had a pile of papers and an idea in her head with no direction. The idea for her story started in 2010 after attending a conference in Tennessee. The speaker was talking about Human Trafficking and prompted the audience to write  a letter to their congressman asking to take action. For Jenna, writing a letter was not enough. That is how She'll Breathe Again was born. It took a total of 2 years to complete the first draft of her novel. In 2014, she got her first exposure to the "writing world" when she attended the Philadelphia Writer's Conference. Jenna showed up bushy tailed and wide eyed with what felt like her life's work in her hands. She had no clue what to expect but a burning desire to learn. Workshop after workshop, she had an entire notebook full of everything from characterization to world-building-- concepts she never even heard of before.  Yet, her biggest turning point was when she connected with author Suzanne Palmieri, one of the workshop teachers. Jenna nervously spilled out her writing dreams asking for advice on how she did it. Suzanne became Jenna's first mentor and Jenna quickly learned that her manuscript was going to be worked and re-written once more before she would be anywhere near ready for publication. As the years went on, Jenna was motivated with the power of learning. She attended a number of writing conferences from New York to Florida, she attended writing classes and workshops, and she completed draft two of her novel by 2016.  Writing a novel though was just the start for her. Jenna absorbed whatever knowledge she could by working for publishing houses like Penguin Random House an Running Wild Press. By 2018, she published her own chapbook The Phoenix From the Ashes,  and started writing short stories and flash fiction for literary magazines. Jenna is still on the writing journey but her pathway is clear and her destination is bright. 

Rachael started her writing journey back in 2011 when a co-worker at the time had just published a spiritual self help book. It sparked her interest. Rachael already had a passion for reading and always wanted to write. She began asking her co-worker many questions. From there she got a notebook and pen then began researching. She always had an affinity for series, sci-fi, and fiction in general, so she knew to start there. 

For the first year she wrote a lot of notes, documenting things she liked, reasons why she loved other series and books.  The action, romance, twists, comedy, love and suspense. At the end of 2012, during a very hard time in her life, Rachael wrote the bones of her first Novel, Trinity: Purity + Hope + Love. It became her passion and her escape. While dealing with some hardships, Rachael temporarily put her writing aside until she met Jenna is 2014. As their friendship grew, Jenna asked Rachael about starting a blog in 2015. Besides Rachael's initial hesitation because of her lack of experience she said yes! From there they began to attend writers conferences. In the last four years Rachael has attended writers conferences such as Philadelphia Writers Conference, AWP, Book Expo and more. She has also been interning for Running Wild Press since 2016. Most recently Rachael has published her first chapbook From Death to Birth this year. It's been quite a journey from a mom writing behind closed doors with hardly anyone knowing to blogging, networking, interning, branching into different kinds of writing and many projects in the works. Most importantly she is happy to meet the new and amazing people on this journey as well as help them. Writing brought new passion and light to Rachael, especially when she needed it most. Now she is happy to help others on their journey.  

Our Commitment

We get it. We've been there. We know what it is like to be a the start of something and not knowing which way to go. It is both a terrifying and exciting experience.

Because we have went through it, and learned so much along the way, we realized that we had a vessel of valuable knowledge. Knowledge that could really help people whether that was new writers starting out or people who always wanted to write but never felt like they could. 

That is why we started this site, to help writers on all levels navigate their way through the writing journey. 

Therefore, our commitment to you is to provide you with nothing less than helpful resources,  tools, and guidance. We promise to apply the knowledge we have obtained and assist you in reaching your destination whether that is by clearing up road blocks or holding your hand the entire way.